Nystrom Engineering designs solutions for the scientific and industrial sectors. With over 25 years of design experience in hardware and software, we offer integrated solutions including hardware design, printed circuit design, firmware, and application software.

When bidding on customer projects, we will include in our statment of work, milestone dates and regular status meetings. Contract work is generally performed on a time and materials basis.

Priority Projects

Priority projects assume extended working days from start to finish. This work is billed at a higher per-hour value than non-priority projects, but results in the fastest time to market.

Non-Priority Projects

Non-Priority Projects are performed while no Standard or Priority work is otherwise scheduled. Though milestone dates are still scheduled, the timeline is relaxed so that other research work can continue.

Non-Profit Projects

We have worked with qualified nonprofit agencies to develop solutions for students, universities, and humanitarian organizations.


Complete Solutions: From design
to prototyping, including 
packaging and documentation.

Trusted by companies all over
the Pacific Northwest to deliver
complete product solutions.


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